TIL two regions of the brain, reward pathways and the hippocampus, physically shrink when we're clinically depressed and gaming reverses that damage. Gameplay hyperstimulates areas of the brain associated with motivation, goals, learning and memory; making it the neurological opposite of depression.

Pay a Living Wage or 'Flip Your Own Damn Burgers': Progressives Blast Right-Wing Narrative on Jobs | "If one in four recipients are making more off unemployment than they did working, that's not an indictment of $300 a week in UI benefits. It's an indictment of corporations paying starvation wages."

In The Dark Knight (2008), Joker is constantly licking his lips. This is actually because of the prosthetic scars that Heath Ledger wore. They kept falling off, so Heath would lick his lips to keep them in place. Gradually, it became a part of the Joker’s character.